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TGLS Property delivers a remarkable new way to sell real estate. 

Every parcel listed on has been  prequalified as GREEN Light Certified®.

All things being equal, GREEN Light Certified® parcels carry less legal risk and command a higher selling price. Sellers benefit from highest-and-best use pricing. Buyers benefit from knowing that a parcel will perform for its intended use.  

Every parcel listed on TGLS Property is brokered by an attorney. Because each parcel has qualified as GREEN Light Certified, we can offer this premium service for two percent of sales price, plus attorney's time. 

TGLS Property includes everything you need to sell your GREEN Light Certified® parcel:

  • 24" X 24" full-color digital print vinyl graphic 1/4" PVC 2-sided FOR SALE sign
  • One-sided 8" X 11" flyer
  • Web page for parcel description, photos, and video
  • Zillow listing
  • Brokerage service by licensed attorney with 24-hour callback commitment
  • Fiduciary representation throughout entire transaction

Visit Timely Contract for information on how to get your parcel GREEN Light Certified®.